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Couvért Clips and Themes
  These beautiful hand-made designs will give you a true decorator look and your friends will soon be asking where you found them!! The Couvert Clip (pronounced coo-verr', French for "cover") easily attaches to the tablecloth and will enable you to swag your cloth, without using pins of any kind! You won't believe how easy it is. Click to View Swagging Demo The tablecloth clip is finished with velcro and attaches instantly to the velcro-backed themes. You can also use them without swagging the fabric; you can actually place them anywhere on the "drop"of the cloth or even on chair ties. Since you can use the same couvert clip for any of our themes, more themes can be purchased separately without the clips.

Many more themes will be added to this line, so keep checking back
~Please note that we have added a coat of glitter to the following themes~
American Flag, Double Hearts, Candy Hearts, Blue and Red Balloons, Blue and Pink Party Presents and Easter Eggs.

Click on images below to see how these accessories will enchance your table design.
Most of our themes are hand-made; occasionally, some variance may occur.
Handpainted wooden themes (American Flag, Blue and Red Balloon, Boot, Cactus, Candy Hearts, Car, Double Hearts, Green and Purple Easter Egg, Purple and Yellow Flower, Blue and Pink Party Gift, Racing Flag, Train, and Yellow Duckie) are approximately 1/8" thick and 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 " tall.

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