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Thanksgiving’s Autumn Hues

The Glorious Colors of Autumn

Gone are the lazy, long summer stretches, having been replaced by the hurried, purposeful pace of autumn. As the days grow shorter, the afternoon light becomes dim and elusive. Lawns are blanketed with leaves of gold, chocolate brown, pimento, orange, poppy, and burgundy. Costumes of ghosts and witches have only recently been replaced with those of Pilgrims and Native Americans reenacting a uniquely American tradition. From coast to coast the weather is changing, and Thanksgiving is definitely in the air.

Colorful Table Cloths Enhance the Thanksgiving Season

Decorating our homes at this time of year may mean a crackling fire in the fireplace, candles of assorted shapes and sizes setting rooms aglow, and cornucopias welcoming the season with their abundance strewn across Thanksgiving tablecloths as varied in color as the autumn leaves themselves. Selecting our favorite table cloth and cloth napkin color combinations from the brilliantly hued Vantage Tablecloths offered this year can be encouragingly simple and exciting. Stunning round table cloths that flow to the ground can be paired with our choice of shorter square tablecloths, or perhaps round tablecloth overlays, so that autumn’s rich tones of chocolate, Byzantine gold, poppy, orange, pimento, and burgundy can be mixed and matched to suit our individual tastes.

Table Cloth Clips Bring Autumn to Your Table

An additional approach to reflecting autumn tones in our Thanksgiving decorations is to include a great new decorating tool, the Couvert Clip with its fabulous themes. The Couvert Clip is actually an ingenious tablecloth clip that can be used to create a charming scallop design when pairing a long round tablecloth with a shorter round table cloth. First, we could cinch up the overlay tablecloth and attach the Now that our tables are properly adorned, we can turn our attention to other elements of our Thanksgiving design. For example, we can enhance the look of our chairs by dressing them in chair covers or chair ties that match the autumn colors of our tablecloths. Not only do chair covers and chair ties add a finishing and tasteful touch to our decorations, they also represent a practical component to our plan by making our folding chairs, kitchen chairs, and dining room chairs all work well together.

Creating the Thanksgiving Atmosphere

Finally, we can create Thanksgiving room and table decorations that will put just the right finishing touches on our celebration. Fall flower arrangements and scented candles are always in style. Pinecones can bring the beauty of the season indoors, and so too can the recreation of falling autumn leaves suspended by fishing line from our ceilings or chandeliers. Cornucopias filled with mini pumpkins, gourds, and dried ears of corn upon our tablecloths remind us of the harvest bounty celebrated for generations. A glowing fireplace, the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie, and the rich colors of our Thanksgiving tablecloths will undoubtedly bring the cozy comfort of home to all who join us for this wonderful holiday.


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