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Christmas Décor

Christmas is in the air. It’s also in your house, on your table, in your neighborhood, and at the mall. There are a myriad of opportunities to get into the holiday spirit and seemingly limitless choices of decorating materials.

Christmas decorating is largely a matter of taste ranging from understated décor to big and flashy. Once you are inside your home, your choices create the ambiance that reflects you and how you connect to the holiday, be it religious, traditional, or contemporary in design.

Finding the Perfect Tablecloth

Inside, the holiday often reflects nature, featuring artificial snow, snowmen, snowflakes, sleighs, reindeer, and religious figures. The fireplace is crackling, and one happily inhales the scents of holly, evergreen, frankincense, myrrh and great food.

When the Christmas dinner is planned, much attention is focused naturally on the dinner table décor. Selecting your tablecloths, napkins, china, chair covers, and decorations will evoke just the right ambiance whether it be for Christmas dinner or Christmas brunch.

If the Christmas china has a specific design, as in Spode, Lenox, or Pfalztgraff designs, keeping the focus on the beautiful china might dictate going with table linens that don’t compete with the china design. In that case, it would be wise to place a red, green, or gold tablecloth that compliments the china. Let’s say you use a red fortex tablecloth made of spun polyester. The advantage to this fabric is two-fold. First, being a polyester tablecloth, it retains its color after multiple washings and will last for years, as well as being easily washable and stain-resistant. Secondly, spun polyester differentiates itself from regular polyester because it feels more like cotton and is a more substantial tablecloth, making more absorbent napkins than a regular 100% polyester.

Couvert Clips as Tablecloth Décor

A single red tablecloth is an elegant way to go, but if you choose to add a smaller second tablecloth on top of the first tablecloth, you open up other avenues of design. One example of this would be to gather the top cloth, in a bunting technique, with our very unique Couvert Clips. The Couvert Clips, produced without pins of any kind are a great new invention, which will not damage the tablecloth and cleverly holds the “gather”. It is constructed with Velcro which means that any embellishment with hook Velcro on the back will adhere to it, thus creating a unique Christmas design. However, you don’t have to make your own. Linen Lovers has two Christmas themes available, one a beautiful red poinsettia, and the other golden grapes. They look truly beautiful at the Christmas table. Using a red tablecloth underneath, a smaller kelly green tablecloth on top, and poinsettia-covered Couvert Clips at the edges of the table, you not only make your table design unique, but dress up the tablecloth without taking the focus away from your beautiful china.

If the Christmas table utilizes china of simpler design, then a great choice is a dressy tartan plaid tablecloth. We have a red and green tartan plaid tablecloth enhanced with gold thread. Adding the golden grapes-covered Couvert Clips creates a shimmering and very special Christmas table. We are ready now for the holiday china, elegant stemware and your personal touches that will make your Christmas décor cozy and warm.

Making your Christmas Table Shimmer

And here’s yet another way to make your Christmas table shimmer. We have three shades (out of 27) of luscious Iridescent Crush, which are perfect for your Christmas table. They are red, red-green, and moss, making a striking compliment to your china, especially if it is gold-embellished. The iridescent crush is made of rayon and polyester fabric and is easily washable, requiring no ironing.

Popular table runners look great in the iridescent crush fabric also, used by themselves, or over tablecloths, adding elegance to the Christmas table or buffet. Using matching Iridescent Crush napkins and chair ties complete the look.

So whether using solid tone tablecloths, fancy plaids, or shimmering fabrics, you can look forward to table linens that reflect the essence of your holiday.


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