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Table Cloths, Chair Ties, and Tablecloth Clips That Trigger the Mood

From zesty gazpacho to spicy salsa, from smooth guacamole to frosty strawberry margaritas, the menu for a fiesta or western hoedown is enough to make our guests kick up their heels and join in a line dance to the buffet table. And, for either of these refreshing party themes, we can easily provide entertaining activities and rousing decorations that will create an atmosphere of merriment and celebration. So, let’s wrap our tables in zesty table cloths, embellish our seats with sizzling chair ties, and shake up our gathering with spicy tablecloth clips that our guests will surely relish.

Spreading Out Our Tablecloth Layers for a Spicy Fiesta

To create a delicious “floating taco” appetizer we would first create a layer of refried beans, and then sprinkle a layer of cheddar cheese on top of that. Next would come the salsa, then the avocado dip, the black olives, and finally, some sour cream. Similarly, to create a delicious fiesta we could first spread out a layer of tablecloths in something bright and spicy like Ocean Fortex. Food stains are really easy to get out of this versatile and crisp fabric, which makes it a perfect choice for a food centered celebration. Next, we could consider our second layer. For this, we could make the exciting choice of brilliantly hued Mexican Saltillo table runners that we could spread out over our Fortex table cloth layer (psst…check out our reliable source for the Mexican Saltillo table runners). Next, we could sprinkle a layer of cloth napkins that either match our table cloths, or coordinate with the colors in our hot table runners that could conveniently act as chair ties, too. After that, we should find something that would keep our chair ties well fastened and would, at the same time, continue our decorative flavor. Choosing to use tablecloth clips, also known as Couvert Clips, and attaching either their Boot or Cactus Themes, could accomplish both these ambitions. Couvert clips are remarkably simple to use, and are dependable enough to hold chair ties in place, as well as to create professional looking party tablecloth swags. What's more, Couvert Clips, covered with their distinctive thematic designs, are decorative and will enrich any party theme. And finally, we could toss a Mexican sombrero onto the center of each table runner, hang our piñatas, and begin to blend our margaritas. “Ole!” We have planned a fiery fiesta that will surely please every senor and senorita in attendance.

Change the Table Runners and Promenade Your Partner

Meantime, back at the ranch, our fiesta fun could also be transformed into a western hoedown with sizzle by making just a few changes in our layering decisions. For example, how about starting with a bottom layer of Red Fortex round tablecloths and overlays of machine washable Vantage tablecloths in Gingham Red? Doesn’t that sound mighty fine, ladies and gents? Now, let’s trade those chair ties and cloth napkins for some that match our western tablecloth choices. Both the Cactus Theme and the Boot Theme would be perfect for wrangling up our table cloths with tablecloth clips, and hanging as festive doodads from our chair ties. Straight away, we could plunk a cowboy hat into the middle of each table, or set a bottle of wild flowers up in its place. To cut a long story short, it would be a definite pleasure to hire a square dance caller so that our visitors could promenade and do-si-do into the starlit night. “Yee-hah!” So, you see, whether we choose a western hoedown or a feisty fiesta, our preparations would surely be layers of fun for us, and layers of delight for our lucky guests. You all come back now, ‘ya hear?


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