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Custom Sizes

Linen Lovers considers any size not on the price list a custom size. For those shapes that are not a perfect square, circle, or rectangle a custom pattern is necessary (see below). Pricing for custom sizes depends on whether your cloth is a non-standard size, shape, or both. We will add the additional charges in after we receive your order.

The pricing is as follows:

     1. $10.00 additional for custom size.
     2. $15.00 additional for cloth that requires the use of a custom-provided pattern.

In order to determine the total price of your cloth you take the dimensions of your custom cloth- let's say 60"x128". Compare it to the next smallest size on the price list which is a 60"x120" @ $42.50. Simply add $10.00 to $42.50; thus, your total is $52.50. In the event your size exceeds our largest standard size, please check with us for possible additional charge. If the 60"x128" was an oval, you would still follow the above steps, but additionally a $15.00 charge would be added as a template charge making the total $67.50.

When placing a custom cloth order you would request a 60"x120" and in the comment section point out the actual size and shape. In this case a 60"x128" Oval. The added charges will not reflect in your shopping cart, but will be added before shipping.

Don't forget to send a pattern.

Please note: Due to the nature of ordering a custom size or pattern and being unable to re-sell such an item, we cannot accept returns on custom products.

Making a Pattern
Linen Lovers is more than happy to custom-make linens for those odd-size tables. With a customer-provided pattern and some simple details, it's a snap. A pattern is only necessary for tables that are not circles, squares, or rectangles. In order to make a pattern of your table, please follow the simple instructions below:




Place a good size piece of paper over the table making sure that half the table is completely covered.
Place a weighted object or two on top of the paper to ensure it from moving.
With a pencil carefully trace the shape of the half table onto the paper.
Measure the whole table width and length and note it on the pattern.
Provide any other features about the table that may need to be considered during construction (e.g. beveled, drop length, etc.)
Asymmetrical shapes will require a pattern for the entire table.
Fold pattern in fourths and that's it.

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