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How To Measure For A TableCloth

To determine what size tablecloth is best for your needs and your table, you will need to know two things:

  1. The length and width of your table or, if you have a round table, you will need to know the diameter.
  2. How far down off the edge of the table you want the tablecloth to drape (this is called the "drop").
    • A common "drop" is 10"-12".
    • For a cloth that goes to the ground, the common drop would be 30" to a floor that is not carpeted.
    • In our Table-in-a-Bag photos, using the Couvert Clips to swag the overlay, we used a longer 21" drop.
Ordering square or rectangle cloths

Since the drop is on both sides of the table, multiply the drop by 2 and add this measurement to both the width and length.

For example, your table is 48"x84". If you want a 12" drop, multiply 12 x 2 (24) and add 24 to your width (72") and length (108"). Thus, the cloth should be 72"x108".


A square or rectangular tablecloth meant to go to the ground will have rounded corners so it won't drag on the ground.

Ordering oval cloths

If your table is more of an egg-shaped oval, rather than the standard oval seen at left, it will require a pattern. Please see custom sizes for details.


Ordering round tablecloths

For a round tablecloth, multiply the drop by 2 and add this number to the diameter

For example, a 60" round table with a 15" drop would be a 90" round cloth.
If you cannot find a size that suits your needs in these pages, you may CUSTOM ORDER your particular size tablecloth for an additional minimal charge. We will be happy to accommodate you.

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