"If you’re looking for Fall and Winter fabrics and colors, standard or custom size tablecloths, we have hundreds to choose from."

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Any of these great table ideas can be ordered through the LinenLovers.com website. All you will have to provide are the dishes and silverware! Each of the Table-in-a-Bag ensembles is pictured with a tablecloth, an over-cloth, Couvert Clips (to hold and decorate the swag), chair covers and a centerpiece - all chosen to go together from a stylistic point of view. Since tables vary so very much in size and shape, and the number of chairs being used per table cannot possibly be guessed by us, what we are listing here is a guide. If you like the color and arrangement presented, we can help you get that tablecloth cut and prepared to your specifications. What's even better, buy three or more items from us, and you receive a 10% discount on your order! This means that you can get the two tablecloths and the Couvert Clips, and receive a discount, even if you aren't interested in the chair covers and already have the napkins.


Hanukkah /  Passover

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